I get this error : "this declaration has no storage class or type specifier".Can someone help me?

The solution to this issue, for myself was to make sure the # include .generated file was moved to below the # include triggervol.h

Same problem here. I added the #include “OpenDoor.generated.h” at the end. But still same result

I’m also encountering the same issue, with no obvious solution. Were you able to figure out what the cause was?

Same problem here. I can’t continue with the lectures until this is resolved and no one, not even the lecturers offer a solution. It is absolutely aggrevating, and even online there is no help, just people pointing me on a path that leads right back to here.

I had this issue in the BullCow game initial project in the revamped course in 2020. Weirdly, I noticed it when moving the main “UCLASS” object down a couuple of lines to make space for the “struct FBullCowCount” object. if it remains on the same line there is no error, but moving it to any other line without adding a single piece of code triggers the warning. Luckily for me it appears to be just an intellisense issue as the code compiles and runs just fine.

Bro you leave 2 lines btw Uclass delete line number 9

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