I found out the exponential spawning Issue

Its been bothering me for some time now the perfomance dampering from exponentially spawning the levels. I wasn’t sure if it was just my project or his, but I was pretty sure it was both. I realized suddenly when trying to make a ‘SpawnTileVolume’, that it was triggering events whenever a level was destoryed on it, thus spawning new levels. This is because its collision preset is set to trigger, which causes overlap events with objects in the world that aren’t the player, which is actually a huge deal, since we only want the player to cause spawning.

If you make or use a custom collision channel, then set everying to ignore exept for the pawn, it should stop this exponential spawning of tiles into your level. He introduced this problem to the project like 20 lectures ago, and he should have made a note about it. I dont know when he fixes it, it will probably be when he tells us how to delete all the spawned actors we placed in the world that increases exponentially with the spawning of new tiles; which has also been bothering me when playing with the customization of spawned items. (those rocks are VERY computationally expensive with extra lighting and/or in high number/high scale).

It would be useful for him to make a note of the population spawning problem aswell, because this also puts a damper on performance when configuring your map as of now.

^ My map purposefully spawning only 1 tile ahead at any given time.

^The still persisting problem of persisting actor population.

^rocks starting to get computationally expensive in high scale
(deafening frame rates when adding high attenutation point lights)

One quirk to work out, which solidifies the behavior, is to add a DoOnce node in blueprint. This makes it so it isn’t even possible for a tile to be placed twice by one blueprint.

^Do Once node prevents duplicate behavior.

Also a fun little thing you can do is make the floor material a random one on each instance creation.

Simple but useful variation as there are 4 grounds in starter content.
Although to be honest I think the Ground_Grass always looks best in my current scenario lol.

^nice refresher to have it change, though this is an early stage for customization ofcourse.

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