I found a simpler way to disable input...but will it work?

I disable the players input using the following and it “seems” to work. Are there any issues with doing it this simpler way?

While that definitely works, you could run into an issue where the player ends up firing the gun just before input gets disabled, locking FireButtonPressed into true and going through all of the players ammo.

The chances of that happening are super slim, but super slim is still worse than 0.

If the Fire button was continuously locked in the fire pressed state that would have the same effect as me continuously holding down the fire button, which would still result in me firing once because I can only fire again if I first release the fire button. So, at most I would lose one or a few bullets if I set it for multiple shots…well unless I set my gun for continuous fire, which I didn’t. If that was the case I could see where it would be an issue. So, thanks that gives me something to look out for.

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