I finished the Git course!

I finished my first course here. The Git course. It was an eye opener. I had seen github for years but I learned so much in this course. I just thought it was a place coders just stored code.
It’s so much more than that. Source tree, gitlab, … Never heard of them before.

I’m very very glad I took it. It has changed the way I manage files – now and in the future.

I had never thought about version control before. My idea of saving versions was an external hard drive or a usb… No more of that.

Thank you for an excellent course!!

Jenn C.

p.s. My first personal repo that I NEEDED is called “Helpful_Scripts”. It has two files so far. I have it local and in github. Could not have done that without this class. TY



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Congrats! This is the knowledge/skill that will be pay itself off 1000x fold.

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