I exported my pyramid from Blender to Poser

Hi, everyone.

I exported my pyramid from Blender by exporting it as a 3DS model. This allowed me to open it up in Poser11 where I applied a texture and landscape to it. Like Ben says, when exporting or importing it is important to know exactly where the model is going to be placed in the receiving program. Anyway, here it is. Poser should not be considered for photorealistic models but its renderer dies give the models a nice illustrated look


Awesome dude, looks good! :slight_smile:

Thanks. Much appreciated

Hmmmm, I see a lot of photorealistic renders created with Poser, especially using Poser11/PoserPro11’s new SuperFly render engine, which is based on Blender’s Cycles render engine.

BTW, since you were planning to import into Poser, how come you didn’t export as FBX, rather than 3DS? Just curious, as I know both apps support it.

To be honest, the choices and methods to export from Blender to Poser were not mine. I am new to Blender and did not know how to export from Poser to Blender. Poser is great. I love Poser and it is Poser that got me into computer art in the first place. However, applications like Blender are more powerful, offer more versatility and allow for greater control and manipulation. And when I see the renders of Poser and Blender, it is Blender renders always strike me as being more photorealistic. That probably is not always be the case but that is my experience

I was into 2D computer graphics for years before I turned to 3D software, and Bryce was the first one I got involved with. Then I tried out Poser (version 5), but didn’t take to it, mostly because it didn’t play nice. I’m not sure if it was the software, or my old Win98 SE desktop that was causing problems, so I switched to DAZStudio. I got back to Poser with version 9, and have been using it, and now the latest version, for about 4 years.

I started playing in Blender years ago, but thought I’d take this class to learn some new things I haven’t yet tried, but for me Blender is how I create 3D objects, so I’ve never done any “final” renders with Blender, just the quickies to see how my modeling was going.

If you like Poser that much, you should join the SmithMicro Poser forum. Some of the members do some amazing work with it. :wink:

I might just try that. Thanks for the advice

You’re quite welcome. :wink:

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