I don't know what this might be

Hi guys,
New to the community…
I don’t know if this is the right place to bring this up.

So… I am having a bit of a dilemma in section 1: Introduction & Setup,

I have this scene…

Now, I had attached the script to a one of my scene game objects (a Car) and when I trigger the script and look on the game tap, while the script is working fine with not problems at all I do have some issue with the way the scene is view.

Somehow when I triggered the script, I have this issue…

Silly question: could this be the camera that I didn’t set up the frame or composition of the camera?


My opinion is that your main camera is off the position.
While in play mode click on main camera and try moving it along y axis and check if thats the problem
If so, move camera where you wish it to be and save transform of the camera in inspector menu or use option for camera to align with the view

Hiya Milan1,

Thanks for your quick reply. Much appreciated.

My apologies for my late replied, the main problem was that I had the camera view set up as a default and I forgot to set up the camera view to align with the objects of the scene, So that when I played the script I could see the right composition I wanted to set up :slight_smile:


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