"I don't know don't ask" problem

Many thanks to Sam. While I am working on the course, I am constantly learning something. However, I would like to mention a detail that disturbs me. Sam says some points, “I don’t understand why this is here”, “I don’t know what this is, don’t ask”. In example, It took me 1 minute to investigate and figure out why we should use the USkeletalMeshComponent instead of the UStaticMeshComponent. There is logical idea behind it. Because UStaticMeshComponent does not contain skining information, but USkeletalMeshComponents are derived from a class called USkinnedMeshComponent because they depend on rig information. It makes perfect sense.

A trainer should be ready to do his research at a point he does not know about such a technical subject. Since this problem has been repeated many times, I wanted to write and share my opinion.

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Well, in this case, I really don’t know why these guns are skeletal meshes. As I said in the video, Static meshes are used when there are no skeletons or moving parts. It seems to me that the guns have no moving parts and so they don’t need to be skeletal meshes. I really have no idea why they are, I suspect it’s because of some workflow quirk at Epic Games.

When I say “don’t ask me why” it’s really more of an English idiom. It really means, “this is odd and unexpected”. Remember, folks who program the engine don’t always make optimal decisions and some quirks can just be arbitrary!

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@sampattuzzi Thanks for explanation Sam. I finished this course and really liked it. I have an idea about why that gun was a skeletal mesh. We all know that gun imported from a game library. If another gun in the project has moving parts then its good to be categorised like this seems logical. Also all guns in the end will be part of a skeletal meshes. So it seems logical to make them a part of skeletal mesh.

Anyway, thanks for great course. You have a great knowledge. Also learned a new idiom :slight_smile: Take care.

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I think you might be right. However, I suspect they were created as part of a skeletal mesh in the 3D modelling program but then exported seperately. They might just be skeletal by accident.

But it’s true that you might have moving part in the firing animation so that makes sense too.


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