I don't have the sword, where can I find it?

Hello. I don’t have the swords that came with the model. I did try loading the holding the sword blender file that was in the resources, but for some reason, Blender crashes and will not load it.


Opened fine for me in Blender 4.0.2, so it doesn’t appear to be a problem with the .blend file. It’s worth restarting Blender and trying again.

If you can’t get it to open properly, I was able to append it into a new file (File–>Append, [5 holding the sword.blend]–>Objects–>Long_Sword), but it appended more or less the whole rig with it because it’s already parented (clearly not meant to be appended like this by itself - it’s just a workaround. Maybe there’s a cleaner way; I didn’t look into it too deeply). You’ll have to do some cleanup once you bring it in.

Or you could just model something original as a last resort =)


Not sure there is one or supposed to be. Incredibly simple to make one.

But there is that blend file to use and it has two sword options in it.

Might be a case of finding out why it crashes as the file is fine, it just opened in my 4.0.1

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Hello. Thank you to both of you. I’ll try both your suggestions now. :v:t2:


Open blender. Then open the blend file. After it crashes go to command prompt(In windows ctrl+r then type cmd and press enter) Type “blender --open-last” without the quotes. This will start blender with the last opened blend file. If it crashes you should see the error message of why it crashed.


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