I don't have clue what is wrong!

I followed the lecture exactly (or so I thought), but testing reveals that the “Pitch” in

is always 0. The Actor being set in SetFocus is always “FirstPersonCharacter”.

I am baffled!

Mind sharing your project?

Certainly https://github.com/Raymon-H/S05_TestingGrounds.git

Get Control Rotation not Get Actor Rotation.

Vary sharp eyes to have seen that! Thank you Dan.

(I still don’t understand why one works and the other doesn’t)

The actor is the character. The character is set only to rotate on its yaw. So even though the controller might be pitching up, the actor doesnt care. thats why you need the controllers information.

Ah yes, that makes sense even if the intention of the control is to pitch from a logic or animation point-of-view, the Character doesn’t tilt !!

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