I don't have a Tank.h at all?

in what video are the instructions to create the Tank class because I must have missed it, because I don’t have a Tank.h and nothing that’s a ATank type at all :confused:

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Nevermind I see he does it after the fact - very confusing to not mention that it will be created in the future when trying to use it in the Player Controller class


I don’t understand… what was the solution to this problem?

The problem was that he was using a class (Tank) he hasn’t created yet.
So, in the end of the lecture he is creating the Tank class and then the TankPlayerController class compiles ok.

Haha I thought the same thing and was wondering if maybe he named his Tank differently from mine.

I’m glad I wasn’t the only one confused here. I thought I’d missed something and didn’t like the idea of starting all again in case I had. Should have been made clearer.

So focused on what on earth Ben is doing I missed the warning header text above the action :slight_smile:

Maybe stick the warning text right in our fovea

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