I do not understand deligates

The reading went way over my head. SO I will try say it how I understand it: It broadcasts out a message to the engine which then send the appropriate message to the other components that subscribed to the delegate, and then they run their own method? So the player tank dies and it broadcasts the messaged to the engine which tells the other tanks to stop targeting the player and tells the player to depossess and be dead?

I think you’ve got the concept down pretty perfectly—what you explained is pretty much exactly what happens. You can think of them as basically a “notification” system if that helps too.

i just spent like 2 hours of ADD and still goes over my head; the most significant part was how to set it up but by the time i even started to grasp that i was like f* this im just gonna continue the video. I hate it when u watch videos only for them to explain stuff vaguely and tell you to go look up or read, or even “magically learn” something; like a c++ video that go tells you to magically learn c++ then come back. You go to learn some c++ which is vague and comprehensive over a month or two and still wont have enough knowledge to understand whats going on because seeing how something is done and understanding it is completely different, and the depth of understanding any topic is infinite; the concept itself vague and subjective to the extent of having a finite understanding of the universe.

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