I didn't exacly what's in the video and it's appearing me two logs of the chair

I wrote:
#include “Gameframework/Actor.h” (in the beggining as Sam told)
FString ObjectName = GetOwner()->GetName();
UE_LOG(LogTemp, Warning, TEXT(“Position report for %s!”), *ObjectName);

and it’s still appearning me the chair twice in the logs.

Another question:
FString ObjectName = GetOwner()->GetName();
This is supposed to get all the objects in our game? i didn’t understand that.

How many chairs do you have in your scene?
Is it reporting the same location twice or do you see “Position report for…” with two different values?

I know now what happended! I added the second position report to the chair so the chair had two and the rock had none. I am so sorry and thank you for your answer!

So we add two Position Reports (one to each different object) and then it knows when we do GetOwner(), to get all objects within Position Reports right?

Am I explaining wrong?

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