I didn't end up creating a second AnimInstance... Will that be a problem?

I essentially went through the same steps, but where we attach the gun to either the 1P or 3P mesh (i.e., IsPlayerControlled()), that’s when I call on the same AnimInstance. Seems to work fine for both FP and TP when I play. Anyone have thoughts on this?

@Darren_Gresch Can you help me out i’m not able to go through this lecture as my ue4 is crashing when i’m trying to follow the solution present in the lecture can you upload the screen shot of what different have you done so could work it out as well help needed!!
Thank you

Revert to the last stable commit, then re-add things one by one until you find out exactly what’s crashing Unreal. And also, create your own thread when you have questions unrelated to the current thread.

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