I didn't appreciate the Boolean State Riddle

This lecture’s cheeky little logic puzzle was an incredible effective distraction from what the goal of the lecture actually was. And it was provided in the least accessible way.

If you want to teach boolean state maps: show one. Draw a grid, with the true and false states, and show how it can be whittled down into the smallest possible statement. Don’t present it as a word-riddle! That’s not a teaching method. That’s a testing method! And its one of those that doesn’t even tell you anything about retention or real-world application, because its all tied up in how a student processes written language.

But moreso… just don’t dive into this, out of nowhere. Don’t challenge the student to something you haven’t attempted to teach. It erodes trust. None of the boolean stuff here helped me come to the solution on my own, nor do I feel that I understand how I would’ve logic’d the word-riddle of it, after I’ve been provided with the implementation. Worst of all: My head was spun 'round so thoroughly by attempting to penetrate it, that I genuinely lost track of what we were trying to accomplish here.

For anyone else, similarly vexed… We were supposed to be looping through each of the controllers loaded into the scene, to inform all characters on the map (AIs & players) how the game ended, and whether their team won.

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