I did a check out in source control and I think I lost all my commits

I tried doing the binary search like in this video just to test out opening an old commit. However, now I seem to have lost a large number of commits from after that point.

What does “Master” and “Head” mean?

I have “Master” set to the first time we were shown how to go backwards for if we break the game. I have “Head” further down in the list a few days prior to that.

Is there a way to get back where I was? or am I going to have to re do everything? Also, what did I do to get this to happen?

Not familiar with SourceControl yet so I don’t really know what the head is exactly but I found that when committing changes it’s great to upload it to a remote repository as well, so that you can fiddle around with your local files as much as you want and in case of a catastrophe (like happened to me a couple of times) you just clone the repository from a remote to your local machine and go on like nothing happened :slight_smile:

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