I deleted my prefab Folder!

Hi, i was on Singleton Pattern section and by accident i deleted my prefab folder, which has no backup… If anyone can upload his… much appreciated!

Hi Rodri,

Within the course on Udemy you can click on the Resources link to open the panel. One of the links will be for Project Changes, this will take you to the GitHub repository. If you use a link from a previous section that you’ve completed, you can grab a copy of the project, as it was, at that point in time.


Note, you don’t have to use Git in order to access the files, you can download them as a zip file, the link from Project Changes will take you to the specific commit.

When you arrive at GitHub, click on the Browse Files button;

Now click on the Clone or Download button;


Finally, click on the Download Zip button;


You don’t need to use it, simply copy the files from that project into your own.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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