I created a function for movement speed but it has extra target parameter

For the refactoring challenge I created a pure function with a single character input but for some reason it shows an extra target input and I can’t plug my marine in there. Do you have any ideas why is that?

Function Definition:

Target Pins show up for custom functions by default (I believe this can be removed for functions defined in C++ but not in Blueprints) which allow you to supply an object reference of the appropriate type to call the function on. This defaults to self to assume you’re calling on the function on that particular instance of the object class.

In this case, the function is looking for a reference to Marine Anim which sounds like what you named your Animation Blueprint class. The Marine blueprint would not be of the same type. If you’re calling this function in the Animation Blueprint (aka, Marin Anim) then you can leave this alone.

Sorry I didn’t quite get the whole answer.
You are right this function is in the Marine_Anim blueprint which is used by the Marine Character.
Is instance the marine character we placed on the level? like the cannons we place on the crystal cavern project

Yup! An example of an instance of an object would precisely be placing the Marine in a level. Or the cannons placed in Crystal Cavern.

To generalize. An instance of an object is a copy of that object that is active in our game.

ok thank you

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