I created a D&D Monster!

Creature “Bandorhobb” from Dungeons and Dragons. Please forgive me, I didn’t care about the hands and feet :smiley:



Excellent creature!


Yes, indeed a great project. I would say, start rigging this creature and place it in an environment.

One point of attention. If I look at the reference image, I see an arm hanging out of his mouth. This arm gives a reference on how big this creature is. But in your render, due to camera setup, lighting (subsurface) and maybe pose. It looks like a tiny, froglike, creature. Nothing to do with the devastating forceful creature in the reference. Just my observation.

Nevertheless a very good model and textures. Pay more attention to the mouth, use Blender paint techniques.


Thanks for the critique, totally agree with you. I also thought it’s not the result I originally wanted to get, and need to change the position of the camera, but I was kinda getting along with this cute version, so didn’t render it again :smiley: but thank you, noted.

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The texture color is awesome, it looks frog slimed
cant wait for separated color in mouth and show the teeth

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That is grotesque and hideous… that is why I love it :smiley:
Good work on the model :slight_smile:

It’s been a while, but finally textured this guy.

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Very nice character, I expect it was hibernating, hence the delay! :grin:

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