I could not see the text being displayed in the console

Hey there!

I’m posting this because I ran into an issue in the 3D unity course during this section introducing visual studio where I could not see the text being printed into the console.

It was driving me mad and I was positive that I had followed the steps correctly when I noticed these little guys:

Turns out I just had the wrong one selected! The one on the furtherest left is the one you want, the others i’m assuming are to display warnings/errors.

Anyways silly little thing but it wasted more of my life than I would have liked so I hope this helps someone!


Hi SpacemanBones,

You are correct, the other icons are indeed used for warnings and errors, the first is messages.

Another item on that bar that often trips people up is the Collapse option, with it selected, all duplicate (exactly the same) messages, warnings and/or errors will be grouped into just one entry. This can be very useful, but if you are expecting to see more than one instance of the message appear it can be confusing as often people fail to spot the count which appears on the right-hand side.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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