I can't rotate with precision

I’m using my numpad, and Blender 2.9

When I type “360” all is well
Then I type “/” and it becomes “1/360” for some reason
Then I type “3” and it becomes “1/3603”

why is this happening… I had to type “360*0.3333” to get it, but the / should do the trick. I’ve done it before

Which version of blender 2.9 exactly is this as i am using 2.92 and i cant recreate this.
Seems like a bug in a later version so maybe jump back a version and see if it occurs there

For me this is normal Blender behavior. Less keys to press, better UI.

Viewport-Rotation keys have a different context and is not a math expression… so the ‘/’ means “the inverse”. To get the same thing you would need to do R Z 120.

If you want to use a math expression, do it in the toolbar:
Good luck


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