I cant join my geometry

hello everyone. I try to join my cap for my milk model but i cant figure out how to do it can someone help me. here is a photo https://vgy.me/7PG57E.png and the second photo https://vgy.me/xNv4IV.png. at second photo i selected the faces that i want to join with each other. i hope i can explain my problem. english isnt my first language sorry for mistakes.

Change global to local it chould make it easier to move closer

uh what did changed exactly ?

https://community.gamedev.tv/uploads/short-url/vL92KxYoud9ApUFxPSFnS4FM4wG.mp4 Uploading…

I was trying to merge cap to box. and i did. i create new edges and create faces. here a photo https://vgy.me/o1gxib.png

Sorry it’s because both were on edit mode so I thought you wanted put them together

Like i said my english isn’t that good, but thanks for trying.

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