I can't download project from GitHub


I am trying to download the project from GitHub but it won’t let me open the project.
I download the zip from, https://github.com/UnrealCourse/05_TestingGrounds
-Right click the .uproject and Generate Visual Studio Files for 4.13
-I open the .sln file that was generated and Rebuild Solution

  • Then launch the 4.13 editor and open the file
    -It says the files need to be rebuilt so I hit ok
    -Then an error pops up saying the project could not be compiled. Try rebuilding from the source manually.

Can anyone help me out with download the project from this point? My previous one got messed up when I was following along

If you do let me know! I’ve made the same inquiry. The compile issues you are running into are more than likely, in part at least, with the fact that you’re actually getting the VS side and not the Blueprint/Asset piece. I’ve tried asking about a GIT LFS process, but , honestly that seems like more of a nightmare. Its’ actually my own fault as I allowed myself to get distracted with some other issues. Coming over Unity, I used to do a complete project backup in a nice tight “unitypackage” which I can’t find a replica of in this engine.

If I find out anything , I’ll let you know.


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