I can't do it alone anymore. Looking for VR & Unity people

First of all, I’m one of you. A little backstory: Last year around March, I was laid off from my development job. 30 seconds out the door and my brother gives me a call asking if I can help on a project. I spent the next few months blitzing through the Blender and Unity courses while learning VR and building this project for my brother, for Bullfrog Spas. That project grew and we presented a demo in November at a trade show which resulted in about 20 sales around the world. Now, today, we are getting ready to ship the launch version this very weekend and we have clients knocking down our doors asking for similar applications… okay, that last bit is a slight exaggeration, but that’s what it feels like to me since I am currently the only developer.

I haven’t launched a full-scale hunt yet, mostly because I stay busy enough trying to hit deadlines, but obviously we are growing and are in need of some help. I’m posting this here because I think that you all are the right kind of crowd to be talking to. I wouldn’t call myself shy per se, but I haven’t been very active in any communities because of fear of rejection, being over ridiculed, etc. I’m getting much better though, and now I’m in a “sink or swim” kind of scenario. So if you’re the same way, I know exactly where you’re coming from. (Basically saying that to encourage you to reach out even if you think you might not fit the bill… passion trumps experience in many cases).

What am I looking for?
Basically anyone who is trying to build a gaming portfolio and has taken at least part of one of the relevant courses (Unity, Blender, etc). We are building very “game-like” products for clients, and we figure this is a great way to get your foot in the door if you’d eventually like to work for a AAA company. To be clear, this is a paid gig, not just a plea for help. It may be a little less than standard for the industry, but we’re not going to be super demanding about experience either.

Just to give you an idea, our current and “in negotiations” clients are:

  • Bullfrog Spas
  • Little Giant ladders
  • Larry H Miller (owner of: Utah Jazz NBA team, car dealerships, movie theater chain, and more)
  • PC Laptops
  • (A few other companies either too small to be renown or too early in conversations to call them a client).

We are also working on our own in-house game projects, code bases, and libraries.

All that said, if it’s totally inappropriate for me to post this here, I’ll quietly back away. I just wanted to reach out here since I’m a fellow course-mate. It was Ben’s (and team’s) courses that got me here, and I want to return the favor by giving back. Right now, our growth rate is limited, but we anticipate needing much more as the year goes on, so at the very least, hopefully I can establish some connections here with some of you.


I would like to learn more if you still think we could help each other.


I’m highly interested in this! This sounds like the perfect project to start on. I have experience in C++ all the way up to recursion, linked lists, stacks etc. and can apply my knowledge of coding to C# as well.

I’m currently a student at animationmentor.com and can animate in Maya. Over time my animation skills will greatly improve because I am a new student there. I am also taking VR & Unity classes in Udemy/Udacity as well as modeling in Blender at Udemy.

I have past experience in project management as well as team management and of course I am an avid gamer so this sounds like a project that I would love working on.

Sink or swim totally resonates with me right now since I am just coming out of a failed small business. I learned a lot from it and am ready to work on a new project.

If you would like to get in contact through e-mail or any means just let me know!

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