I can't believe I was able to draw this :D

It was a long time to make, but I am very proud :smiley: When I started this course, my character drawing skill was still at primary school level. I always thought I am terrible at drawing, and I never had the courage to start learning… and now here I am, and I draw something I am proud of!! The amount of improvement I had is just unbelievable!!

I know it is not perfect obviously, but the amount of progress I was able to made is huge!

Happy to be here :slight_smile: Thank you Grant, you are an amazing Teacher! :slight_smile:


Awesome, great to hear achievements shine after a course :grinning:

Keep it up :+1:


I wanted to work on something very different, and do something I am not copying, so I made a knight :smiley: I am so happy with the progress :smiley:
Now I am going forward to the next session. :smiley:


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