I can't animate my camera

I tried to record my animation for the camera but nothing works.

Hi Eddie,

One thing that usually stops an animation from working is if you have started a previous animation and the frames are still in the folder.
You may need to check the output folder for any previous frames that you may have rendered and cancelled.

Or do you mean you tried to animate the camera movements independantly and your encountered issues? Animating the camera should be a process of just moving and making sure you create the keyframes.

Let me know on this and we can see what we can do to help

Hi Eddie,

would help us loads if you could let us know a little more information as well.
There are a few steps when it comes to animating, so giving us as much detail as possible is always helpful :slight_smile:

yes, I will do it next time thank you.
what I did is rewatch the whole Lecture and set everything up as you did then I moved the camera and then I could animate it. :smile:

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