I cannot obtain a compact object ( a parenting problem)

I want to obtain a book which is rotating, using blender (something similar with video A Patients Guide to Stem Cell Therapy - YouTube , time 0.09 until 0:13- the book rotating).
My blender file is 3.0.1 and could be downloaded from the link : https://we.tl/t-Rlh5w3z2vk
I need that all 3 images (front, back and spine photos) which forms the cover of the book to be included in the book body , so that when I rotate the book body -all components should rotate together. How can I do that ?

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UV-unwrap method. I am not sure which course you are right now.

Have you completed the GamDev beginners course for Blender?

This software is not something you just open and click a few things and it does what you expect. It is complex, powerful, and takes years to become competent at.

Attaching images to the planes that form the book is perfectly possible and standard. But you need to UV unwrap the book model and use the shader nodes to set up and position the images on the UVs.

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Many thanks for information. I will try. I bought the blender course especially to learn doing this job: a book which is rotating or moved.

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I completely understand wanting to dive right in with the project that got you started into Blender. We probably all did it!

Trust me, follow through the course first. It will become apparent how aspects will all help you do this project.

You also have several ‘books’ and parts of, right on top of each other which will cause you other problems later.

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