I cannot create c++ class in UE5.1 on MacOS

I have this issue.My computer cannot compile cpp classes then ı close the app and try to open again but this time ı have this message

and now ı cannot open my game setup.I read some documents in forums they say you must download dotnet-sdk 3.1 but ı have this version of dotnet.Now ı cant handle anything and I’m miserable right now.Can someone help me?Thanks a lot…

Are you using XCode or VS Code? Also what version of the IDE are you using and what version of Mac do you have?

Many answers I’ve found online include incompatibility between older versions of UE5 and newer versions of XCode or that newer versions of XCode won’t work on older versions of mac.

while I may not be able to get you a final answer, that information may be helpful for someone more knowledgeable about MacOS

I using Xcode right now and also using UE 5.1.Some documents says ı must download sdk3.1 but it not working on my computer.I have Macbook m3pro but not working with UE5.1 I dont have any idea

For 5.1 you need .NET 6 installed., not 3.1. Have a look here for setup.

FYI, you posted against Unity but I’ve updated.

Development Setup | Epic Developer Community (epicgames.com)

If you’re really stuck, you could ask on the discord as there will be mac users there. I do know each version of UE needs a different version of XCode but that’s where my mac knowledge ends.

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I already have .NET 6 version.But It doesnt work with UE5.1.Also I didn’t find anything about this situaiton in the forums.I’m really stuck right now.

It is quite a common issue for vs code users on the PC at least and I have seen a number of Mac users too. The guide I shared above covers everything you need including the correct version of XCode.

Unfortunately all of the support team and instructors use a PC so we don’t have the setup process we used ourselves for a mac or Linux even.

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