I cannot bevel this part, and loop cut is not working either

Hi everyone! I am making pillars in the complete blender creators course, and I wanted to bevel every side, but I could not do it in this middle part. I even wanted to do a loop cut there, but it seems that the exact same spot is not cut. Why is this? Why is that part differs from every other? Can you help me?


Sorry but I do not understand the problem or see any problem, the loop goes all the way round.

Many students do have problems with double geometry at this point and whatever it is you are trying to do that may well be stopping it.

Select all with A, and press M , By Distance. Will probably fix any double geometry.


Yes, thank you my question was not clear, but that was the problem! :smiley: I managed to find the plus geometry what I did not intented, and I could merge them. Thanks the help :slight_smile:

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