I can see how people get frustrated with this one

For example, right now Unity doesn’t want to show me the text field’s text in scene view when editing the prefab, at all.

Once again for part of it I had the impression the animation tab was actively resisting against my inputs sometimes, and one would think my intention would be clear if I go to a key-frame, select a property that I had added to the track, and enter a new value for it (the change of which even gets highlighted in the inspector), and for some reason a few moments later I find it either ignored it at all, or added it on a different key-frame.

What did help was explicitly activating the “record” mode.

When I added the Text object to my prefab, I did get an extra canvas element in the prefab’s hierarchy. I don’t think it will make any difference, it’s just an extra object in between.

Somewhat weirdly though, my prefab’s root also has a canvas component (which apparently is inactive) and then the actual Canvas which contains the Text.
If I try to extract it, I end up with just the same, so I reverted it.

When I hit the Play button, the text does appear (and animate and fade) as expected, so it’s just the Editor that’s misbehaving…

It definitely helps if you did this workflow a couple of times before, so you can focus on what is presented for setting up the animation, and then give it some personal flavour…

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