I am very confused and disappointed

First of all I would like to express my frustration at your artist > designer workflow. By importing HORIBLY managed assets into an even more messy project you are just making it harder for the students following along.
I know that this is supposed to teach people how to clean-up their project but I just spend more than 2 hours cleaning up my project ( removing redundant/white materials, cleaning up prefabs, organising the folder structure)… It was a horrible experience and I reckon that this will put people either off your course or off game-dev entirely.
Thing is. First two times you have imported something in the videos I could have just used github to copy everything because you left it in so-so state. But currently there are floating entities and emply collider boxes everywhere in your showcase level.

TLDR: This most definitly will be the last video for a lot of people following this course as using the assets you have provided is almost impossible if you want to have your project clean and not messy.

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Thanks for your honest comments. I totally hear what you are saying regarding the assets - I apologise for leaving you in such a frustrated state.

I’m going to have a discussion with Ben asap to see how we can insert content into the course, and clean up the assets we provide, so that this problem is resolved. It might be that we just provide all of the final assets (they do get better in the course as we go along) and spare folks the journey of importing the early assets.

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Was about to post a wall-of-text, just me ranting about that asset pack (and it being provided to us in that state), but decided that that would go too far.

I’ll just say that I was quite disappointed and leave it at that.

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