I am stuck on Godot , loony lips tutorial /Problem has been resolved

I am stuck on displaying text through a label to the player. Im sure its a simple mistake its just not displaying.

I am stuck on a learning tutorial, towards the end of this part, in fact its stopping it from working. I want my: Var story and prompts to be displayed in the label node iv inserted which is a child to a control node. The tutorial said to type it this way but it is not displaying infact since iv done this the background I put in is no longer displaying. Just wonder where I have gone wrong.

Hi @Callum_Gauntlett,

It looks like you’re trying to assign a value to $DisplayText.text outside of the function block.

Try popping it inside like below and see if that fixes it :slight_smile:

func _ready():
    $DisplayText.text = story % prompts
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Thank you Pitvital, problem resolved, appretiate your help :wink: