I am sorry for all the talk -- but I am very confused

Seems like circles and circles…

bottom line of what it needs to look like at this video PLEASE HELP me get this my head is spinning all the moving around.

It seems the different version is a thing here.

I am not able to JUST drag the sword pickup Spawner out from under the Sword PickUp without modifying the Pickup Spawner prefab.

Please help me know thanks?

Seems like just taking them out of scene or scene(s) would have made this discussion OVER a long time ago and far less confusing

AM I understanding that the only reason we didn’t just build prefabs for each weapon was to save there x,y,z corrds?

Or what else am i missing?


It might help if I simplified explaining what Sam is doing here. The goal is to get a PickupSpawner at the same location that we have a Pickup in the game right now. So he’s dragging in a PickupSpawner into each of the Pickups that exist in the game. By resetting the transforms, they are locally 0,0,0 but globally in the same place as the Pickup.
Then, by dragging this PickupSpawner object out of the Pickup, we have a pickupspawner that is at the location of the pickup.
You could do virtually the same thing by copying the transform of the pickup, then dragging a PickupSpawner into the scene and pasting the component value of the transform on the pickup spawner.

Thanks Brian

That is not totally the problem.

What you said I believe I understand that is why he did it like that. (no worries good way to confuse the topic, sam hopefully will understand that)

The problem i have is I did not learn how to make a Spawner.

My version will not allow me to take the ones I added under the ones that were in the other project scene.

So, i need to build one for each of my weapons.
IF i know the steps for 1 i could repeat and do for all my others
( I need to learn to fish)
How do i build 1 weapon spawner using the new inventory system?
How do i Convert What we had to work with the new improved inventory system?

I am so confused as you can tell i hope

So, please give me some guidance for these basics that i have laid out in this mess. lol

Thanks so much for your help

Going for the fifth time to try and understand how to do 1 pickup

TO be clear

I am so confused i am unable to be clear now LOL

I think i know what i would like to learn

How do i build a weapon spawner from scratch?
Including all the parts for it.
the pickup in /Game/Pickups
The resource from /Game/Weapons/Resources

I wish Rick would show me 1

Trying to do 4 at a time is not good for me

I guess i am slow

How do i convert ONE of my old weapon pickups to a new one
1 at a time
Doing multiple is not good for me
I was born before the sixites LOLOLOL

Please help

Converting the pickups from the first course is actually more complicated than is worth considering. In the first course, the items were simply placed on the ground, and they weren’t communicating with the inventory system. Starting in Inventory, we’re using a pickup Spawner to put them on the ground.

We’ll start with the pickup itself. It’s not the item itself, it’s a representation of the item in the scene.
The easiest thing to do is in the Assets folder, copy (Cntrl-D) the Default Pickup in Game/Pickups and replace the bag mesh with the mesh of your choice. (Or, many students just use the default pickup).

A pickup will look like this:

You will add a link to the pickup prefab in the InventoryItem scriptable Object. This is how the Sword’s configuration looks:

In this case, the Sword pickup is assigned (which is just like the default pickup, but with a sword in place of the bag).

The pickup itself doesn’t have the information about what the item is. This will be added when the pickup is spawned by the PickupSpawner

The PickupSpawner itself is an empty GameObject (no mesh, or child objects)
It has the PickupSpawner component and the SaveableEntity component.
This is what you’ll place within the scene. Select the sword in the item drop down. When the game starts, it will spawn a pickup (unless it’s a saved scene where you’ve already picked up the pickup).

Thanks for this Brian

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