I am now a contributor as a 3D modeler to Turtle WoW

Thanks to my progress already with the courses here, I have gained enough skill to be added to the team for Turtle WoW, which is a WoW classic private server that does custom content rooted in the warcraft lore, as well as implementing things that were left out of classic that was planned.

Anyways, obviously my house is not on the same level as the ones from the games. (Mine is the one in the middle) But I am going to find this to be invaluable experience and actually get to see some of my models get put into the game which is super exciting!

I have a ton to learn and practice and already have my first assignment, so now it is time to try and balance the course work and my work for TWoW. Anyways, good times ahead!


Sounds very interesting, and your model very like the others.


Yo JyounzuSan amazing!

Congratulations! Thank you for sharing this with us!!
I wish you the best of luck in acing all your projects. :grin: :+1:

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