I Am Going To ... Design (a few) RPGs

Lecture Ref: 5_IN_RPG

In this case, I’m going to follow the combat creator, and here’s why. I’m already following a 2D RPG creator course on Udemy from another author, so I’m going to combine what he covers in 2D overworld and dungeon navigation with the 3D combat elements in this course, as well as Penny de Byl’s course on procedural content generation so that in the random battle scenarios, I can create unique and varied battle experiences for the player. So for that specific project, combat being the uniquely 3D element, that’s why this is the first course I’m going to pursue in the GameDev.tv RPG series.

Meanwhile, I have another idea brewing in my head for a hybrid 2D RPG/village building sim, so I’m sure all the pieces will blend in together. And of course, I have no intention of stopping with these two projects, so I’ll keep picking up more and more. :grin:

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