I am getting

public List<GridPosition> GetValidActionGridPositionList()
        List<GridPosition> validGridPositionList = new List<GridPosition>();

        GridPosition unitGridPosition = unit.GetGridPosition();
        for (int x = -maxMoveDistance; x <= maxMoveDistance; x++)
            for(int z = -maxMoveDistance; z <= maxMoveDistance; z++)
                GridPosition offsetGridPosition = new GridPosition(x, z);
                GridPosition testGridPosition = unitGridPosition + offsetGridPosition;

        return validGridPositionList;

I am getting this issue x and z is getting 0 assigned at x = -maxMoveDistance and z = -maxMoveDistance

It appears your maxMoveDistance is set to 0. Make sure you have values assigned to it in the inspector.


But if there is a default value of 4, assigned in the script then why wouldn’t the inspector pick that?

It would if you added the default value first. But once the inspector has a value, the code will not make a difference. For that specific instance, that is

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