I always learned left to right order when doing /, *, + and -

Growing up in Missouri, USA my teachers always taught left to right order with / * done first then + -. From my experience with Excel and the like, they also do left to right order.

I’m curious how many people were taught some other way when learning math.

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same here. I also learned that if there is a division and a multiplication you have to do them from left to right. Same for + and -
I never learned abbreviations like bodmas but to me it sounds like division (and addtion) precedes multiplication (and subtraction). Instead it should be looked at something like this bo(dm)(as)

No it’s division and multiplication are done equally but in left to right order.

2 / 2 * 4 = 4 whereas
2 * 2 / 4 = 1

as these are left to right order. Addition and subtraction are equal but done left to right.

Should be the way C# handles things, too.

I think the important things to remember in order of operations are:

  1. everything Jenny_A said above
  2. When evaluating logical operators, && is resolved before ||
  3. x++ is resolved before any other math.

People always write brackets around the numerator and denominator, than the order doesn’t matter.

Do they?