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Hi Team,

When creating a hyperlink the default seems to be set to open in the same Tab(when clicked), I find myself constantly closing down the clicked page and having to reload Gamedev back up again.

Is it possible to set Hyperlinks to open up in a new tab? (please, if I am showing my ignorance here do tell me.)

I think this would create a better flow.



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Hey Jake, I don’t know if you’re on a PC or a Mac, but on a PC, I just right-click the link, and it gives me several options, one of which is to open in a new Tab.

That said, however, I’m using the latest FireFox browser, but I believe most browsers, even IE, allow you to do that.


HI @Miss_B,

Yeah, that is definitely one way of doing it, I just feel having it set by default to open a new tab would be a better design.

Although I may be alone in this thought haha

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You know, I was just thinking, and I realized that you can set your browser to always open links in a new Tab. Now I’m not so sure all browsers have THAT ability, but you might want to check your browsers preferences and see if you can set it up to do so.

Unfortunately, I don’t recall how to do it on the site’s side of things, especially since this is a forum, so the software running it is quite different than a static web site’s code.

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Yeah, it would need to be changed on the front end of things. It is really a minor inconvenience to be honest, it’s more of an observation on my part.

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Click on your profile icon, then the preferences icon (:gear:)

Under Interface and Other, top option;


Try changing that and see if you get the desired behavior.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Ah, well now I can’t say I have come across a (forum) platform that allowed me to do that, I didn’t even think about my own preference settings.

Thanks man.

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I don’t have a solution for that :wink:

Happy to help :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info Rob. That’ll be helpful to those who don’t know how to set their browsers to automatically open hyperlinks in a new browser Tab.

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No problem :slight_smile:

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