Humble Suggestions

I don’t know what category or tag to put this in, because it concerns all the categories.

I am having an issue with the Humble bundles. I love and have purchased several classes in the past, both from the website and on Humble through several different bundles. The issue that I’m having, currently is with the Godot Bundle, but I’ve had this issue several times before. I like to support and so, when I get the early adopter emails, if I have any interest in the course, I purchase it. Now, there have been a couple times that I’ve missed a course, or I just wasn’t able to purchase it that month, but generally I purchase any course I can that is something that I might use… someday.
Now, there’s currently a Humble Bundle going. There are a couple courses on there that I’m interested in, as well as the assets in the bundle, but I’m going to be forced to re-purchase several courses that I already have. And while this is still cheaper than going through and purchasing them all individually, if that’s even an option with the assets, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth having to purchase multiple copies of several courses. I already have multiples of Blender and Unity courses, both here and on Udemy, and it’s just weird.
Is there any way we can trade some courses in for store credit or something? There has to be a way to make this feel less weird.


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