How'd I do?

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Too me, it’s not recognizable, without a context.

What are your thoughts knowing it’s a health bar? Did I miss something? What could I improve?

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It’s a sort of gauger, which has specific visual elements. I miss that.
Now it looks like a toaster from above.

  • add markings
  • use distinctive colors (white vs yellowish)
  • keep it clean, remove unnecessary visual noise.

What do you mean by markings? By distinctive colors you mean colors that contrast more? I was trying to do that with black and white, wasn’t sure what to make the secondary bar though. Visual noise being the dithering? He does that in the video so I was trying to do it too.

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like every gauge, the level of … 0%, 25%, 50% etc…

I know, but it needs to be functional, not distracting from the real function.

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