How would I share my game?

In the hangout, Ben stated that everyone should share screenshots of their work; and if they liked it, they might actually try your game. That would be impossible for me because I only posted the screenshots and some of the text without sharing the game. How would I give people access to my game as well?

Hi Ezra,

Of course, you have to share a link to your game, too, if you want people to play it. What Ben means is that pictures are a better advertisement for your game than a line of text with a simple link.

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Hi Erza,

You would need to build to a webGL format and then zip the Index and two associated folders up.
You can then go to a site like (Our sharemygame site is currently not working) and there you can upload a game and change the file drop down to play in the browser.

If you need help with they have some good help files but give me a shout if you get really stuck :slight_smile:
I currently have my main project hosted there atm

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