How Would Enemy Tanks Be Implemented?

In this video, our Tank class inherits BasePawn, and we give it a camera. Then we change the BP_PawnTank to inherit our Tank class. If I were to add tanks as enemies, would they still need a camera and spring arm? If I plan on implementing this, should I make a new class called PlayerTank to inherit Tank and get the camera functionality, and put the camera and spring arm in there? And then I assume enemy tanks will keep a lot of the same functions that we will eventually be adding to our Tank class(Moving, Rotation, Firing, Hp) and have a new EnemyTank class to reference Tank?

They wouldn’t need one, no.

Though I don’t recall any example project from Epic where the AI character (if it had one) differed in that regard so I don’t think those two would specifically be an issue of having per se. (e.g. using ATank to inherit from which would have those).

That would be wasting sizeof(void*) * 2 for each enemy tank though as they won’t be used, so with sizeof(void*) == 64 that would be about 12KB for 100 enemy tanks so not exactly worth deterring away from that if doing that makes it easier for you.

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