How to use 'Substance Designer Allegorithmic' for game art

Learn to stylise your game assets and environments like a Naughty Dog artist would using Allegorithmic Substance Designer to paint the perfect textures for your game.


@Michael_Bridges knows a little bit about this one.

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Just bought the indie pack with designer/painter etc myself (since i cant draw to save my life) couple of weeks ago.

Not sure that it would be viable, but would be interesting to see.

In my opinion, all Allegorithmic tools are very useful to game developers! Although I think that allegorithmic has an very good tutorial support already to be honest, if Mike were to make an substance course it would be more interesting if he kept it as practical as possible regarding the integration with Unity/Unreal since most technical side has already been covered by themselves.

Darren, you got it in their website or Steam?

Yes, our approach would be heavily integrated with a game engine.
Learning in isolation without seeing the impact further down the pipeline can lead to a few mistakes :slight_smile:

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Learning how to create realistic or stylized materials using the Designer and Painter would be really awesome.
My favored engine would be Unreal :slight_smile:

It would be a very good course then, Allegorithmic package is amazing :smiley:

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3D motive offers some courses with Allegorithmic (below are probably the most useful ones)

1 (textures)
2 (Environments)

If any new courses were made it would be good for the teachers of the course to view 3D motives and see if any improvements could be made - in comparison to what the instructor 3D motive offers already?

I am not sure as I have not taken the course and don’t know much about substance painter (other than it is used by Naughty Dog for texturing)

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