How to use sprites in a canvas

I read another past about the same topic, and one of the comments was that a sprite was allowed inside an image. I think that answer was incomplete. It seems to be possible, but a little more complicated than that.

In this forum the selected answer gave an option that worked for me. I changed the canvas ‘renderer mode’ to be “Screen space - camera”, and then selected the main camera. After that sprites worked as expected for me.

I actually it doesn’t quite work the same as in the camera. I can see the sprite, but it’s not part of the canvas. Meaning that even if I drag the sprite inside, it will either show before all the canvas or after all of it. So if you want it for finishing details this will be a good option.

I believe there is no way to make the canvas render the circle as part of it, but if there is I’d love to hear about it.

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