How to Take Notes for "Complete C# Unity Game Developer 3D" Course

How can I effectively take notes while learning Unity and C# from the “Complete C# Unity Game Developer 3D” course on Udemy? Also, the course mentions that I can access it for free on How can I obtain this free access?

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Hi Shrikant,

I am not sure what you are referring to with the free access so if you can expand on that with the lecture that this refers to we will be happy to help you on this.
For taking notes this can be done in whichever format you feel comfortable with.
I prefer using something like a trello board which is the online equivalent of sticky paper to organize subjects and my daughter has also found this useful for helping to organise her revision for her exams this year.
It means you can prioritize the aspects of coding that you feel need more attention and remember things that you want to look at later.

One of the features we are planning in the future on the new site is that you will be able to search for topics and it will bring up courses related to those topics so you can easily find what you would like to learn.

Hope this helps

Edit:- Nina our teaching assistant for these courses contacted me and it seems you may be referring to our migrator to get udemy courses on our site.
With our new site currently this automatic migrator no longer works and we can only offer migration to the new website.
If you can login to the new site then we can get your courses migrated from udemy but you have to contact to do this with proof of purchase by way of your udemy receipts.
Please note we can only migrate courses that are outside of Udemy’s 30 day refund policy.

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