How to scale all selected items and keep ratio plz?

Hi guys,
i made this short video to try and explain what im trying to do. Any help would be very welcome cheers.


Unfortunately this is a limitation of blender as the UI when entering the values only enters those to the active object.
To explain the active objects its basically when you group select the last one you selected and it is highlighted by a slightly different shade of orange.

What i would do in this case is parent the cubes to an empty (Control and A add empty) and then scale the empty as then all the objects under it are affected by the empties scale.

Hope this helps

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Use scale cage.

Select items you wish to scale at the same time and rate.

From the left toolbar, hold down the scale icon/button until the scale cage tool is there to see, select it.

A white cage’ box appears around them. Click and drag a corner of that cage, then release.

Then the tool pop up panel lower left appears and enables you to scale the caged items by numbers style as you want.

I think this does what you are aiming for.

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