How to restore previous versions?

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i never used a VCS before, but i can imagine, that one big advantage of such systems is the possibility to restore a previous version of the game in the Project folder!? But - how can i do this?

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In git to retrieve an old version of the project folder you use checkout with the hash id of the commit you want to check out. E.g:

$ git checkout 2598e59a379108acd2adeffe0424705a1a865bff

Where the hash ID at the end can be copied from the entries listed in the ‘git log’ command. E.g:

$ git log
commit 9101e433a66d9b3efb23075608a2da8f89383208
Author: Kevin Smathers
Date: Fri Nov 3 14:03:48 2017 -0700

Recolor rocket

commit 2598e59a379108acd2adeffe0424705a1a865bff (extend)
Author: Kevin Smathers
Date: Fri Nov 3 14:01:05 2017 -0700

Initial commit


After checking out an old version if you want to change any files you will first have to create a branch using ‘git checkout -b branchname’ before you will be able to commit any changes. If you are using a GUI instead of the Git command line then the same options will probably be available somewhere but may require a bit of searching.

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