How to remove source from console program exit

When about to exit the console program the teacher has a neat “Press any key to close this window…” by itself.

How do you get that without the source showing above? :
C:\Users\vgabr\source\repos\Section_02\x64\Debug\BullCowGame.exe (process 24320) exited with code 0.

I have Visual Studio 2017.

In the course Q&A there’s a question titled “file name is printed with hello world” by Chris, where Scott and Daniel answered that its a normal thing for later versions of Visual Studio and it can’t be fixed.

It may be unaesthetic but okay then.

And yeah I remembered you need to ask those things in the Q&As. :neutral_face:

Gabrielle, That has been bugging me as well. I’m glad you were able to find an answer. Take Care, Mike

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