How to plan with tasks like "Come up with unique combat"?

The “single most important task” principle is usable with “Implement X,Y,Z” tasks, or maybe even “Draw a nice monster for …” tasks, but what about design tasks?

Coming up for a (for now) good enough, unique combat system for my RPG is a huge task, that’s why it could last just 1 day and even 2 weeks.

How could I plan with design tasks better?
How could I slice them into smaller tasks?

Currently I can’t, because every smaller task inside would be dependant on each other.
For example:

  • if I “finish” the “design health system” task, there is a very high chance, that during the “design defense system” task I’ll come up with a much better/fitting health system. So I have to undo “finishing” the health system task.

But if set the health system into stone after finishing the task, so the just mentioned issue wont happen…

  • then my brainstorming would be much less flexible, because every system has to work with all the preceding ones, like the health system. Which is very restricting.

I’m kind of lost with this.

Thanks for the help in advance!



As this has not been tagged with a course its being overlooked in our daily checks.
Our RPG courses do cover some of these topics in unity so you may be best advised to look there once you have completed the starter courses.

A game evolves how you want it to and sometimes reworking entire systems happen to make improvements or so you can implement new features.
For this reason we encourage you to extend the projects in all of our courses with your own features, levels or a better system as it helps with the learning and you can apply the knowledge in other games

Hope this helps and apologies this got overlooked for so long.

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