How to Output a .png of the Chess Set?

Complete with the Chess Set. I see where you create the .png rendered image in the properties menu.
But how do you get Blender to create the .png image. I don’t see any ACCEPT OR CREATE BUTTON to do this.

In the render view Ctrl+F3, " Window -> “Save Screenshot”- it defaults to PNG on my Blender (v2.79) Choose “RGBA” for alpha channel, BW for Black and White and so on. The other way, that I haven’t used yet, since I haven’t done animation is press the “bake” button in the outliner view: Render tab -> Bake (once it bakes the scene, the file goes to destination folder specified in the outliner view: Render tab -> Output, where you also specify the extension BW/RGB/RGBA Channels and all that good stuff). That’s good for animations especially. Hope that answers you’re question. I’m new to Blender :slight_smile:



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