How to organise Categories?

Firstly do we even want to call them Categories?

Secondly, how do we organise? We also have Tags, which I suggest are things like C#, C++, Coding, Modelling

With regards to “Categories”, we can have two levels deep max. Perhaps…

–> 01 - Intro & Setup
–> 02 - Text101
–> etc
–> 01 - Intro & Setup
–> etc

… then have a Topic (again, do we call it that, or “Discussion”) for every lecture and let people contribute in the replies?

@Michael_Bridges @sampattuzzi @Rob interested to hear your ideas, meanwhile I’ll try some stuffs.

Just by courses at the moment? KISS :wink:

I’m not 100% sure about the sub-forum per lecture concept yet, it may grow on me perhaps, like a fungus… :slight_smile:

If I were completely knew to all that you were doing and arrived at your forum I would probably expect to see a sub-forum for each of the main topics, so like you have;


etc, my thoughts are, if I want to post something about Unity that isn’t related to a specific lecture, as many people often do on the FB groups, where does that fit, and am I going to have to scroll down passed lots of “lecture” sub-forums to find it? It’s hard to picture at the moment. At the same time I can see some benefit in having the specific lectures as sub-forums, but, as someone else mentioned earlier today, I wonder how well that will work if you later jiggle the course content around, will you remember (in the nicest of ways) to add/update/remove(?) the sub-forum here, will people post in the wrong one if they can’t find the corresponding one and so on…

I think at the moment I would lean more towards leaving people to just post and let them title the posts according “Stuck on lecture 2” etc… or, maybe a sub-forum for the “course lectures” and another for “all the other stuff”… dunno… might need a bit of playing with to get an idea before going live with whatever is decided on…

Oi, @Michael_Bridges

  • Yes
  • No!!!

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I’m Up for anything…

I wonder whether the phrase Topic may be misinterpreted and more referenced to the course on Udemy? You do have a very international user base on Udemy, all of which speak/write far better English than, well, myself, but better than I could speak or write any of their native languages! I would probably go with “Discussion”…

Speaking of languages… does this come with multiple-language support?

I second Discussion since it is not only embedded into me but the course too!

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I think, again totalling personal opinion, but I would phrase it as “Forum” over “Category”… I think people are more likely to post something along the lines of saying; “Hey @ben I just posted over in the Blender forum about…” etc etc as opposed to “…over in the Blender category…”

Just doesn’t sound quite right, and is also worthy of a virtual slap for anyone that did :smiley:

I’m not sure how to deal with the Unity / Blender / Unreal top-level split, then the “Share Your Work”.

I guess we could share work under each of those courses separately, and use tags like #GameShare or #ModelShare to view them across courses.

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hmmm… conundrum!

Thinking out loud, I wonder, does it matter if all of the shared work is in the same pot? I could share my work in there, but then if I really wanted to also mention it on a specific course I could add a link to it in a post… perhaps not ideal… not sure about having a separate “share your work” for each course either though… some work may cross over also… for example, if I made an awesome “blob” in Blender… I may then use it in my awesome game made in Unity… where would I post that? :slight_smile:

/me brings more problems than solutions…

If you were still planning to do the separate sub-forums for lectures then it would make sense that there was a “share your work” sub-forum in each also…

Discourse support have just thrown tags in the mix, may be a good plan.

Would be ideal, the only problem I could foresee would be how you could be sure users would add them? Can they be set as a mandatory item?

Think they can be set by the deep link from Resources in Udemy

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That would be cool then :slight_smile:

@sampattuzzi @Michael_Bridges @Rob take a look at the Unreal category. I’ve populated Section 1 as I think it should be. Users can’t post to the category. However there is a thread per Udemy lecture that people can reply to, and each one is linked from the Lecture’s Resources like this…

I think this will work, what do you all think?

I think that gives a good structure with this forum. Is there a way to float comments on a lecture? Like pinning or linking somehow?

We can pin, but that’s it. Otherwise it’s a question of relying on the slick timeline slider. This does give us one less level of depth than Udemy, where each lecture could have a separate “Discussion”.

We could ditch the section sub-category, then create a category for every lecture. That way there could be multiple posts against one lecture.

Thoughts @sampattuzzi

@sampattuzzi see this for example of a huge thread:

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